The Brisbane River draws in a lot of people looking for alternate city living. And none more than Andrew Bird, who is on to his 7th year on the CBD’s water after selecting a boat over an apartment. Now, Bird spends his time adrift in his home: Safe Sailing.

Speaking about his life on the river, Bird told that it could be very hard work – but it is really worth it for the freedom that he has.


Bird first made the selection to take to the CBD’s water when the city transport got too much for him as well as property prices were out of reach – it meant he could no longer go on his annual trip to Yacht Charter Croatia. He added that he was traveling an hour and a half to and from work – public transport was taking up three hours of his life every day. But now he is never far from home.

Andrew said that houseboat life does not come without its problems and a lot younger people do not last too long on the river. He believes he is the youngest on the river. He has been on the river for 7 years, and what he has noticed is: most young people stay for 6 months and move on – they did not like the hard work involved. He confessed that it is very hard to meet women of his age there.