The season of ice sailing is rapidly approaching as temperatures begin to fall in many parts of the world. Indeed, for those who are sailing enthusiasts, they need to get geared up for winter sailing that is a distinct challenge altogether. Many regions celebrate the cold winter months with ice boating. Indeed, there are several places that invite boating enthusiasts from other regions and clubs to come and join up for iceboating.

For those who are new to the concept of ice boating, it is one of the fastest ways to sail unlike sailing on water. You need to pick up the right kind of gear so that you can try out this innovative form of sailing. Williams Bay at Wisconsin offers ice boarding as part of the annual swap meet at their Skeeter Ice Boat Club. It is considered to be a mega event.

Here equipment change hands between owners as several teams and club members meet up such as Arrows, Nites, Renegades and Skeeters. Hardware manufacturers and boat builders like Trogir Yacht Charter in this specialty also put up stalls to exhibit their equipment and wares. It is the best place to find the big names in the world of iceboating as well as can help people find the right equipment for this sport.

If you look at the history of iceboating, before the hurricane of 1938 hit at Tashmoo, there was fresh water mostly which used to freeze by mid winter and offer layers of ice that would be thick about six inches or more. Not only was the spot popular for those into ice skating, many people started to try ice boating here as well. As far back as 1898 Martha’s Vineyard was a place for ice yachting. Hence, it is a recreation that is worth trying, albeit in places where the ice layers are thick enough to sail in a safe manner.