Every major sailing event showcases performance of the international sailors in a different light.

For instance, Sam Meech who made notable headlines with his performance in Rio Olympics finished in the third position in the final medal races of the World Cup Series that was held in Hyeres, France. He left with mixed emotions as he feels that there were considerable ups and downs in the results.

Being a bronze medalist of the Olympic category, he finished in the overall ninth position in the laser class that had 60 participants in total. The third race of the regatta saw him a winner. He also had four finishes in the top ten in other races. However, he felt that he could have fared better overall that would have showcased in the final medal race. The weeklong series saw him have some good sailing days and he had fun as well. However, in certain cases he disappointed himself and cost himself points that affected the overall results.

Meech feels that having come back to an international regatta after the Olympics helped him get back to competitive sailing after a long time. Hence he might have become a little rusty at it. He was top of the headlines compared to the team that had come from New Zealand to participate in Hyeres. Others from this country, like Andrew McKenzie in the Laser category saw his first win as well as others gain results in the top three like William McKenzie and Isaac McHardie of the 49er category.

Even if Meech did not get the results he was hoping for, it is time to train for upcoming events. He is now headed to Croatia where he will train along with Andrew McKenzie for the Laser championships coming up in September. It will certainly afford him an opportunity to spruce up his skills further.