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Jules Verne Trophy Race 2019

While Golden Globe race is defined by the stringent restrictions on sailing requirements and crew, the opposite of that is the Jules Verne trophy based race. This prize is awarded to anyone who can complete the fastest circle around the world. This circumnavigation race can be done by any yacht type and there is no restriction on the crew size, simply that the start and finish lines at the tip of Brittany at Le Créac’h Lighthouse and Lizard Point, Cornwall respectively.

This year the attempt was launched on January 16th. It was led by a 40-meter trimaran that was skippered by Yann Guichard and with a crew of 12 members. The boat, called Spindrift 2, is on its way and it will attempt to cross the finishing line by February 26th. The attempt will lie in re-crossing the line and break the existing record of 40 days 23 hrs 30 min and 30 seconds that was achieved by Francis Joyon in 2017 who had a similar but smaller designed trimaran and a crew of five members.

As of day 10, sailors aboard the Spindrift 2 have been able to get 97 nautical miles ahead of the previous record. This was a decrease from the previous day when they had obtained a higher lead compared to previously when they were sailing towards St Helena High. Meanwhile, their contender, Alex Alley of GBR team was able to pass the mark of 5000 miles as he sailed solo in his 40-foot yacht called the Pixel Flyer. His attempt is for a different record, that of the solo nonstop around the world record. He has been flying his boat at 17.6 knots that is impressive and he already has been able to complete a major part of the mileage out of the total 27000 miles journey.

Breeze Blew The Scheduled Race On Day 1 Of A Cat Worlds

The breeze brought everyone back to shore and race got canceled on day one of ‘A Cat Worlds’. The weather forecast and the briefing till morning 9 AM claimed that there would be no weather obstructions around the sea and the shore. Hence, the race was declared to be held at 12 noon. Initially, they decided to race both the series using the same course, which later changed by ‘The Race Committee and decided to race on 2 different courses one for Foiling division or Open division, and the other for Classic division.

As the time of race came near all the participants started their final check, with 2 sets of officers, mark layers and officials on 2 separate courses. When ‘On Station’ flag was hoisted competitors were ready and came to heel. And the wind was flowing at the rate of 14 knots, and since the open course was nearer to the beach launch area, they had 2 min. to start sequence. But then suddenly the wind speed increased from 14kts to 26kts, and by that time the official media boat was in the middle of the course. Classics didn’t even hoist their ‘On Station’ flag by the time breeze hit the sea and shore. Immediately, as the wind hit, the race officials hoisted ‘AP’ flag to warn everyone and send them back to the Station. The officers in official media boat ahead of everyone at the center of the course and missed few radio calls. Later, they realized that the ‘Go Home Fast’ order was passed on and everyone was heading back to the Station. Where everyone was battling to reach the shore, Andrew Landenberger seemed in control.

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On Day 7 of The 2017/2018 Round the world Yacht Race, Garmin in technically in the lead as the fleet prepares to cross the equator. After racing for a full week, the fleet has begun to spread out. Up to 167 nautical miles now separate the first and eleventh on the log.

The leading teams are still close to each other as the fleet is set to head back to the northern hemisphere. On course from Australia to China, Garmin is technically the lead after a tough sailing night. However, PSP Logistics and Sanya Serenity Coast are very close. The duo, in second and third place respectively, have been drag racing for about a week.

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Sailing Yacht Up For Sale

Among the several sailing yacht sales that are conducted, Caroline 1, an alloy sailing yacht, of 35 meters in length, had been put up for sale at Iconovista by Simon Turner. This has been recently purchased via Sea Alliance. The yacht has several unique features on offer. It has a lightweight aluminum body which is the fourth vessel designed by Dubois. The boat was launched by Alloy Yachts in 1994 and built by them. There was a major refit that was done in 2013. The interiors are airy and maple and the boat have a good performance in sailing as well as a versatile deck layout. The interiors, as done by Redman Whiteley Dixon, sports four cabins that can accommodate about eight guests. There are two twin rooms, a VIP suite, a master suite and an en-suite shower with all facilities.


The interiors are wonderful to check out. There is an upper saloon with sliding doors that operate by compressed air. Here one will find a guest bar with a sink, ice maker, fridge and a coffee machine. On the starboard is the seating and dining area where eight guests can sit and enjoy uninterrupted views of the water. The lower saloon has a luxury lounging area where there are seating areas with great views as well as a video library and a multimedia television screen.

The cockpit has two seating areas along with a dining space that can accommodate eight guests. The cockpit can be open or close as per external weather conditions. The yacht is powered by a diesel engine of 540 horsepower and of the Lugger variety. The yacht will surely be a great asset to the person who will own it and it is a luxury vessel that will provide pleasurable sailing.

Season Of The Great Lakes Sailing Club Begins Sunday, September 17

The Great Lakes Sailing Club (GLSC) season of year 2017/18 is all set to get underway on Sunday, from 1pm that is on the 17th of September.

For members, the club has just finished two weekends of warm up, with two divisions one is junior and the second is senior and has welcomed a number of fresh boats to the club.

Talk about the division of senior Catamaran, and then now it will include many new A class Cats, a Hobie 16 and Taipans. The Hobie 16 is a mandatory in any Catamaran division.

The divisions of single hull have seen many juniors join the senior division and many of our juniors are moving into their own boats, this includes Lord Howe Island 14.

More than two weeks of sailing in a range of conditions such as stiff 15 knot northeasterly breeze, no breeze the sailors have flattened out a few kinks in their boats as well as in their bodies with for the preparation of the season ahead.

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Sam Meech In World Series France

Every major sailing event showcases performance of the international sailors in a different light.

For instance, Sam Meech who made notable headlines with his performance in Rio Olympics finished in the third position in the final medal races of the World Cup Series that was held in Hyeres, France. He left with mixed emotions as he feels that there were considerable ups and downs in the results.

Being a bronze medalist of the Olympic category, he finished in the overall ninth position in the laser class that had 60 participants in total. The third race of the regatta saw him a winner. He also had four finishes in the top ten in other races. However, he felt that he could have fared better overall that would have showcased in the final medal race. The weeklong series saw him have some good sailing days and he had fun as well. However, in certain cases he disappointed himself and cost himself points that affected the overall results.

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2016 Best U.S. Sailors Shortlisted

United States Sailing recognizes the best sailor man and woman every year with the Rolex Yachtsman and Woman award.

In 2016 as well, the preparation has begun and the jury is busy in short listing the name. United States sailing has announced the name of eight shortlisted man sailors and six women sailors for the final round.

2016 Rolex Yachtsman, nominees done by US sailing are

  • Augie Diaz, winner of Star World Champion from Miami.
  • Brad Kendall from Tampa, Hugh Freund from South Freeport and Rick Doerr from Clifton silver medalist of Paralympic.
  • Terry Hutchinson from Annapolis winner of Maxi 72, TP52 World Champion and Rolex Farr 40.
  • John Kostecki from Fairfax winner of Melges 20 and J/70 World Championship.
  • Dave Hughes from Miami and Stu McNay from Providence winner of 470 North American Champions and Melges 24 World Champions.
  • Mike Marshall from Jamestown winner of J/22 World Championship.
  • Mike Martin from Mill Valley winner of 505 World Championship.
  • Caleb Paine from San Diego Olympic Bronze Medalist.

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Ice Sailing Season Comes On

The season of ice sailing is rapidly approaching as temperatures begin to fall in many parts of the world. Indeed, for those who are sailing enthusiasts, they need to get geared up for winter sailing that is a distinct challenge altogether. Many regions celebrate the cold winter months with ice boating. Indeed, there are several places that invite boating enthusiasts from other regions and clubs to come and join up for iceboating.

For those who are new to the concept of ice boating, it is one of the fastest ways to sail unlike sailing on water. You need to pick up the right kind of gear so that you can try out this innovative form of sailing. Williams Bay at Wisconsin offers ice boarding as part of the annual swap meet at their Skeeter Ice Boat Club. It is considered to be a mega event.

Here equipment change hands between owners as several teams and club members meet up such as Arrows, Nites, Renegades and Skeeters. Hardware manufacturers and boat builders like Trogir Yacht Charter in this specialty also put up stalls to exhibit their equipment and wares. It is the best place to find the big names in the world of iceboating as well as can help people find the right equipment for this sport.

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How Rio Sailing Races Began

There was much concern about what was floating in the bay waters of Guanabara Bay. The concerns were increasing as the Olympics approached and finally on Monday the games began. When the sailors got to Marina da Gloria there was much worry about how difficult the job would be and how dirty the waters would be.

Many experienced Olympians like Juan Ignacio Maegli told Scottish bareboat charters that the place has several challenges and that did not stay restricted to the dirty waters. Juan hailing from Guatemala and part of the laser event for men stated that the course also had its challenges. The course on Monday for the laser event had been in the bay. With the high mountains and currents the breeze is a challenge as well.

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Houseboat Living

The Brisbane River draws in a lot of people looking for alternate city living. And none more than Andrew Bird, who is on to his 7th year on the CBD’s water after selecting a boat over an apartment. Now, Bird spends his time adrift in his home: Safe Sailing.

Speaking about his life on the river, Bird told that it could be very hard work – but it is really worth it for the freedom that he has.

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